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Aug. 3rd, 2010


Sleeping Beauty

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Summary:Yamamoto observing a sleeping Hibari
Rating:T (?)
Notes: Written for Challenge #27; Prompt: Retribution
A/N: Was written in a rush with a half-sleepy mind. Seems more like a drabble than a fic. *sigh* Please pardon the crappiness *bows*

The door leading to the rooftop creaked open and a satisfied grin graced the lips of an expectant young lad. He looked or rather, peeked from his hiding spot when he knew it was safe; there’s no telling what his fate will be if he gets found out. As swiftly as he could, he bent his head down and locked his eyes on the vulnerable-looking figure laying a level below him, the smile on his face, unfading. He seldom averts his gaze from his prey but there was no denying the increasing interest that arouses within him every time he sees him at this state.


The bell, signaling the end of the break, rang and he immediately pulled himself back to his hiding place. He waited for a few minutes until he heard the opening and closing sound of the rooftop’s door which is below him before heading to his next class.

Unknowingly, this has become a funny habit of his and it all started with an unexpected discovery of his own, a few days back…

It was the same time, lunch break, and it just so happens that he wanted to go the rooftop to get some fresh air. For a change, he laid himself on the roof above the door which leads to the rooftop and watched the fluffy cumulus clouds moving on the sky. Then the rooftop door creaked open but he never noticed it because the cotton candy-like clouds kept him entertained. Just when he felt that he has rested quite a bit, he decides to go down and leave the rooftop but he suddenly halts his tracks midway. His feet were already hanging down, prepared to land on the ground below him but when he looked down, he noticed a familiar black-haired lad like him lying comfortably on the rooftop floor, his black coat (?) sprawled behind him while his deadly tonfas were obviously visible. His hazel eyes scanned the sleeping figure of the Head of the Disciplinary Committee and suddenly it piqued his interest.

Ever since that day, the Rain Guardian was always present on his usual hiding place, observing the Cloud Guardian from above. And every time he watches him, he never fails to notice the minor details no one would actually pay attention to. Like how adorably cute his nose crunches up a bit when his nose somehow gets irritated or when a gentle wind blows, how intriguing his hands flex with ease reach for his deadly tonfas when the littlest sound or noise was made, how his eyelids along with the slight movement of his thin lips move when Hibird suddenly lands on his head and how those same lips of his sometimes curve to a small smile.

The last part was extremely unexpected for never has the Head of the Disciplinary Committee smiled! “Maybe he’s having a good dream,” Yamamoto would infer with his own infamous smile on his face every time he sees the tabooed curve. But there was one weird thing: no matter how slight or how tiny wee were the movements and the little sounds that he makes, Hibari Kyouya never seems to open his eyes. This somehow puzzled Yamamoto. Was he actually that great in shadowing his self? Or was his prey only ignoring him?

But unbeknownst to him, this little habit of his was no ordinary habit anymore; it has become an admiration. Not any regular admiration, but it has leveled up to a different type of admiration. Heck! He’s already acting like a stalker since who-knows-when, but who cares? When you love someone, a reciprocation of feelings isn’t always a necessity. He liked seeing him like that; it made him feel happy and it was a very rare sight. It was like seeing the other side of the fearsome Hibari Kyouya.

“A-Are? He’s not here,” Yamamoto frowned as jumped down and kept on swiveling his head left and right looking for a certain someone. “He’s late? Weird,” still, he waited.

A few minutes have passed and he suddenly fell asleep on the rooftop floor, Kyouya’s spot. Then dark, grey clouds started to fill the sky and without a second’s delay, water poured down from above.

“Did he found out?” the feel of the cold water on his bare skin woke him up. “Maybe he did and he got mad,” he concluded with a defeated smile as his back was still against the wet floor of the rooftop. Then, without him using his abilities, he suddenly became immune to the drops of rain. He widened his peripheral vision and blinked twice, a purple umbrella was placed right above him. Beside it, was a familiar visage, “Stupid herbivore, you are so slow.”

Yamamoto’s eyes grew in utmost astonishment as he met Hibari’s thin lips adorned with a playful smirk.


Jun. 29th, 2010



Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: RyomaxSakuno

“This, Sakuno, is uncle Nanjiro,”

“P-Pleased to meet you,” Sakuno stuttered a bit as she bowed her head in respect with her small braids swinging downward, following her head’s direction.

“What a charming young girl,” Nanjiro commented as he patted on the young lass’s head who smiled sweetly in return.


“Oi Ryoma! Come here and meet your new playmate!” the bored commanding voice of his father ordered when their guests have arrived.

Young Ryoma did not seem interested in meeting anyone for he stayed there, glued to his spot on the ground as he hugged Nanjiro’s extra wooden racket. His father heaved a sigh and glared at him which sent goosebumps all over his body, thus obeying his old man’s commands in the end. But even though he abided his father’s will, he hid behind his father’s legs.

Who could blame him? The only friends he knew were the tennis balls and tennis racquets to whom he constantly plays with; he has no playmate but those and his dad.

“Oi! Don’t be rude say hi to the pretty girl,” Nanjiro commanded again as he constantly shook his leg where the young lad was clinging onto at the very moment.

Young Sakuno could only stare at the scene in front of her eyes, amused. She glanced at her dear grandmother as if conveying something with her excited expression and it was returned with a smile. Immediately, the young lass approached the cowering little boy who looked at his new playmate, according to his dad, with a puzzled and troubled expression. Nevertheless, this was ignored by the nearing brunette.

“Pleased to meet you,” she greeted with a bright smile on her face as she held out her hand. “Ryoma-kun”

Young Ryoma cocked his head sideways as if saying, “do I have to?” and glanced at his father who signaled him to repay the young girl’s kindness. There was no harm in trying was there? Slowly, the shy lad walked away from his father’s legs and stretched out his small hands to reach for young Sakuno’s soft ones and shook it. “Let’s play,” he immediately stated with a smirk.

“What?” young Sakuno asked with curiousity as her smile grew.

“Tennis!” young Ryoma stated with pride and glee.

The young brunette turned to her grandmother for permission and it was granted. So the young toddlers hurriedly dashed to the court where young Ryoma was playing with his father before young Sakuno and her grandmother came.


“Let’s get down to business, shall we?” Ryuuzaki-sensei asked her former student as she eyed the youngsters.

“Alright then,” Nanjiro replied with a smirk.

A/N: I just wanted to write something before I sleep. *shot*
soma, souleater, soulmaka

Time's Uncool Path

Fandom: Soul Eater
Pairing: SoulxMaka

“Ne Soul,” a certain lass beamed.

“Hm?” Soul gave her his usual bored look.

“Etou,” the young maiden paused and played with her fingers. “Can you do me a favor?”

“What kind?” he turned to her, waiting for the continuation of her unfinished request.

“Will you play the piano at my wedding?”she replied in a somewhat fast manner for she knows that him accepting it was like 0.01%. There was a long pause that followed and just when she was about to rephrase her sentence...

“Tch, of course...not,” Soul said sarcastically as he forced a fake smirk.

“Thank you so much Soul!” Maka exclaimed in enthusiasm as she pulled the lad in a warm embrace which caught him off guard. “I knew I could always count on you!” After that, she bade him goodbye and dashed out.

“Yeah,” the young lad replied weakly as he watched his best friend’s retreating back disappear. He bit his lower lip as he balled his hands and punched the wall nearest to him. “How uncool.”


Soul Eater Evans has always been on good terms with Maka Albarn and their shared bond kept on growing each day. Unknowingly to Soul, her presence seemed to have made an impact on him that he always enjoys her company. The thing is that he wasn’t able to notice it earlier...because by the time he noticed it, it was too late.

It was just one of those days when the phone rings and it was her on the other end of the line. But unlike the usual days, this was different. She was all giddy and stuttery. He found this rather interesting because she’s hardly—no wait, she was never like this. So he let her rant on the phone for the sake of his own entertainment. It took him quite a couple of days to realize that she’s in love. No, not with him, but with another guy who she always talks about. It was quite a surprise, really for such a guy to be able to cope up with her violent attitude and all.

Days passed and suddenly everything started to get boring and annoying because their topic never changes; it was always about him! He wanted to tell her off because of this ‘something’ stirring inside of him every time they talk about him. Like he’s pissed off and irritated or something but he just can’t seem to tell her how he feels; he suddenly backs-out every time he thinks he’s ready. Until the time came when they hardly see each other.

Now, he misses her. Yes, even though all they’ll talk about is him, it’s alright. He’d give anything to bring back those days. He doesn’t know why or what , it’s just that he’s not used to going through at least a week without hearing her stupidly, annoying voice.

Then, one day his phone rang and a big smile was plastered on his face upon seeing the caller. He immediately pressed the ‘answer’ button and before he could even scold her for ‘ignoring’ him after all this time, the big curve on his lips turned to a straight line...too late.


“How uncool,” I murmured to myself as I looked at my reflection in front of the mirror while adjusting my suit. “Why did I even agree to this in the first place?” I heaved a heavy sigh as I asked myself a rather stupid question. I then headed out when I heard some grunts which seems to be coming from the other room to find out that it was the groom, struggling on making his necktie symmetrical or something. I obeserved him as I placed a hand on my mouth to suppress my laughter. It’s a very amusing scene really. The troubled face he keeps on making on every unsuccessful attempt and the way he panics and ruffles his hair like mad. How very uncool. Seeing him like this, I debated on my own if I should help him or not but the wooden floor beneath me suddenly creaked which caught his attention. Maybe it was due to me suppressing my laughter that I unknowingly took a step backward. Back to him and again, his expression was priceless! Pfft. He blinked twice and tried to hide his embarrassed state. I chuckled and approached him.

“You must be suppressing your laughter by now,” he spoke in a low voice, still hiding his red tomato face. He was stil embarrassed. It’s written all over his face! Man, if Maka were to see him in this state she might flip! Then it hit me...

“You...you’re nervous,” I bluntly put out as I playfully narrowed my gaze and his face grew pale. “Getting all worked up at a very important event like this,” I tried to keep my cool as I kept on bitting my lower lip and balling my fists. Seeing him in this pathetic state made me wanted to pounce on him and snap him to reality. Really, my fists are itching to turn him to a puny panda! Maka Albarn, which part of him is cool? Were you even listening to me when I specifically told you the things to consider to deem a person ‘cool’? I think you’ve mistaken him for someone.

“I really wish that I’ll live up to her expectations. I mean this is it,” he suddenly spoke up and there was something in his tone. It’s like he’s a whole different person. I held back for a while and let him finish. “I really do love her,” he uttered directly at my face as if challenging me to a man-to-man-all-out match. My fists suddenly chickened out. His last statement seemed to be the key that locked away the irritation and tension that was building in me the whole time. Then a real smirk lined my lips as I told him to relax and take good care of her and headed out.


My hands are now dancing on the organ’s keyboard with ease; with no hint of remorse or anger. I don’t know why I can’t understand it myself. Supposedly, I should be bitter and filled with anger right now and that my fingers shouldn’t be as graceful as this. They should be heavily pressing on the keyboard. Especially, when they were exchanging vows and rings. I’m just here sitting in front of the piano, watching them. Surprisingly, I was happy for them. Yeah, I just said that. I even joined everyone in clapping for the newly weds as they kissed in front of the altar. It’s weird, I know. Wait, everything has never been normal ever since she came around.

At the reception, as usual, I just watched everyone while playing with the wine in my glass in one corner because I’m not really into social gatherings and stuff.

“You shouldn’t play with your food,” an awfully familiar voice teased.

I just smirked at her and pretended to ignore her.

“You’re hopeless,” she sighed inwardly and snatched the glass in my hands. She then placed it on top of the nearest table. I chuckled lightly at her actions. No matter where she is or whatever she’s wearing, her attitude never changes. While I was contemplating on my own or rather making fun of her in my thoughts, to be precise, she grabbed hold of my hand before I could even protest. “Let’s dance.”

“You know I don’t dance,” I argued even if my feet were walking on their own. Oi, stupid body of mine why aren’t you obeying me? Why are you walking!?

“You lead,” she commanded while ignoring my protests. I sighed inwardly, there was no point in starting a petty quarel with her today. Then music started to fill the air and my feet, which were carrying my body, moved in accordance to the melody and of course, Maka followed.

Gradually, the ambiance started to change. I suddenly started to forget the reason why she was wearing a flamboyant, white dress adorned with glittering jewels, why a circular metal fitted her ring finger perfectly, why she once threw a bouquet of flowers towards a group of excited young ladies and most of all, why this big formal party is being held. Also, I started to forget my place. Maka Albarn was now a grown-up young lady in the hands of someone else while me, still her best friend. If only time would stop and leave us like this—gracefully swaying our bodies with ease in respect to the given tempo and rhythm of the music while no words are spoken. Yes, I don’t need words to explain the current situation. Just a constant glance and a smile is enough to convey a thousand words.

But of course, time can’t be stopped. Even if I kneel in front of a hundred gods, time won’t stop—not for me not for anyone in this world. Time has its own course to follow and the same principle applies to us, too. That happened when Kid asked permission to have his bride’s hand when the music has stopped. I willingfully gave her to him and watched them from my spot. Their new time as newly-weds has started. Now I need to let my time move onto its designated course.

A/N: ACK! This fic sounds kinda crappy! =,=" They all seem to be OOC's! Forgive me.

2nd Thoughts

Fandom: Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn
Pairing: GokuderaxHaru

“ Tch! Stupid school administration! How dare they separate Judaime from his right-hand?! What if he suddenly got attacked and something wrong happened to him while he’s with that baseball freak…??!” a certain pissed off individual muttered under his breath as he continued to walk along the corridors of the school campus, alone.

Apparently, students whose grades were struggling to pass were tasked to take part in an extra-curricular school field trip to at least pull their failing marks down. One of those failing students were Sawada Tsunayoshi and Yamamoto Takeshi. Due to Gokudera Hayato’s outstanding marks, he wasn’t allowed to go. This made him upset; very upset to the point that he almost strangled their adviser when he knew that there was no way he would be allowed to go to the trip with his precious Judaime. So he is now left alone, along with all the others who weren’t able to come.

“Huh?” he halted his tracks and browsed his surroundings. “Che. Have I walked this far already?” he asked in his thoughts as he scratched his head and planned to turn back. But even before he could fully twist his body to the opposite direction, something caught his attention that made him want to check it out.


“Hm? Something’s wrong with this,” someone groaned inside a room as he scratched his head, wondering what predicament he just got himself into.

“Tch! What a noob!” Gokudera criticized as he watched the young fellow panic from the small transparent window on the door.

“Better report this fast,” the same person decided as he grabbed his things and dashed out without even noticing that someone else has entered the music room.

“How shameful, you don’t even deserve to play the piano. You only know how to play it but you don’t know how to care of it,” the Storm Guardian cursed in his thoughts as he opened the piano and tried to fix it. After doing the things he thinks that should be done, pressed “do” and scaled it to check if it was a-okay. “There you go,” he scoffed with a soft smile on his face. He had second thoughts about leaving but after reminding himself on “some things” his hesitation vanished.


“Infiltration success!!” a certain loud-mouthed middle school girl exclaimed with utmost glee as she entered the grounds of Namimori Middle School. “Now to find Tsuna-san and the others!” she added as she happily headed towards the direction where the classrooms are located.

“An intruder are you?” a freakishly commanding voice crept up from behind that made the excited lass shiver with fear for no reason.

“H-Hahi! H-Haru is not an intruder! Haru is a Namimori Student desu!” the scared girl defended as she continued to shake with fear.

“I’ll bite you to death,” the almighty prefect stated as he positioned his deadly tonfas in front of him while his eyes carefully eyed its prey for the day.

“H-Hahi!” Haru yelped once more as she scurried away from the mysterious guy with a murderous intent towards her.



“Ack! Stupid wind!” Gokudera cursed as he tried to fix the music score sheets that were suddenly blown by the wind. “Minuet by Boccherini, Minuet in G by Beethoven, Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin, Gavotte by Gossec…” he read out in his thoughts as he stacked them in a pile one by one. While stacking them up, his body froze when his eyes read the title and the composer written on the music score he was currently holding. “Serenade…by Franz Schubert,” he read aloud with a mixture of relief and remorse.


“Thank goodness the wind blew hard that some dust came into his eyes which gave Haru enough time to escape,” Haru panted as she outrun the fearsome head of the disciplinary committee. She leaned against of the wall of the room she hid herself in to rest and recover the energy she lost. There was a comfortable silence that surrounded her and that helped in soothing her and in giving back her “genki” energy.


“H-Hahi? What’s that sound?” Haru exclaimed as she heard a calming melody. She pressed her ear on the wall that was separating her from the next room. “It’s coming from the other room!” She immediately went out and went to the room next door. Luckily, there was a small, transparent window on the door of the music room so she peeked in to see who was responsible for this beautiful melody. “G-Gokudera-kun!?” she accidentally said out loud and immediately placed her hands to cover her loud mouth so as to prevent any other unnecessary sounds to come out from it and disturb Decimo’s self-proclaimed right hand. “Thank goodness,” she sighed in relief as she sat beside the door of the music room. She closed her eyes and let Gokudera’s music take control of her. She listened intently to every note that was played and filled the air, the gradual speed of the notes as they go up and down like a vehicle going through humps and small rocks and its sudden loudness and softness. It was so comforting that her worries were washed away with the music without her noticing it.


Upon seeing the said piece, a fragment of his mother’s memories came into mind. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he approached the shiny, black piano he just fixed. “Alright, just this once,” he sighed to himself as he gave up. He then placed the score sheet in front of him and let his fingers dance gracefully on the keyboard…


“Mama! That was beautiful!” a young child probably still in elementary school exclaimed with utmost glee as his eyes glittered with excitement.

“Really now? Well, that’s good to hear Hayato,” the young one’s mother smiled as she placed her son on her lap.

“Will I be able to play such a complicated piece?” young Hayato asked with great doubt in himself as his glittering eyes faded.

“Silly you! Of course you can! Practice makes perfect,” his mother chuckled as she played with her son’s nose.

Upon hearing his mother’s words, his eyes sparkled and it ignited a fire beneath him. “What’s it called?”

“Serenade by Franz Schubert”


“She usually played it when it was raining and it always made me forget the gloomy atmosphere surrounding me,” with that, Gokudera played the final notes of the song. He then got up and stacked the piece along with the other music scores he stacked up a while ago. Then he noticed a drop of water on the piece of paper. He blinked twice and touched his cheeks…they were wet. “Judaime musn’t see me in this state!” he scolded himself in his thoughts as he immediately used the back of his hand as a substitute handkerchief and pulled the door of the music room.

“Hahi!?” a high-pitched scream sounded when a young lass fell, back first, in front of the Storm Guardian when the door was suddenly opened. “G-G-Gokudera-kun”

“B-Baka o-onna!?” Gokudera cried out rather astonished as tinges of pink hue were quite evident on his cheeks. “Wh-What the hell are you doing here??!”

“A-Anou, a-about that...” Haru sat herself up as she tried to explain herself to the lad in front of her. “H-Haru came here to—“ she was cut off when Gokudera suddenly grabbed her wrist and ran. “Hahi? Where are you taking Haru, desu? Haru needs to see Tsuna-san first before she leaves this place, ” she argued as she spun her body around and planned to go the opposite way.

“Baka! Just shut up and follow!” the violent Storm Guardian hissed as he pulled the girl harder in order for her to follow. While running the direction he chose he swiveled his head to his right and sighed.

It seems that the student who left the music room came back with someone to check on the piano. So Gokudera made a run for it before someone except the girl that he’s dragging right now discovers his talent.


“Bad timing stupid woman, apparently Judaime is out on an extra-curricular field trip,”

“Eh…? Tsuna-san is not here?” Haru blinked twice and a gloomy mood filled her when Gokudera’s words finally registered in her brain. “Mou, Haru wanted to surprise him and wanted to show him this Namimori uniform Haru made.”

“Surprise him?” Gokudera’s brow arched in disbelief. “Tch, dream on!”

Haru made no other comments or whatsoever and neither did Gokudera upon Haru’s sudden silence. Currently, they’re at outside the school buildings and are at the school grounds and silence enveloped them which was awkwardly comfortable in some way that no one wanted to break it…


“That song, it was beautiful,” Haru commented with a bright smile.

“…” Gokudera opened his mouth to spout some useless stuff like “What do you care?” , “It has nothing to do with you!” and the like but decided not to do so when he saw that curved line on the girl’s face. Somehow, he was quite elated that someone heard him play the melody his mother used to play that he treasured so much.


“What was it?” Haru asked hoping to get an answer this time.

“Serenade by Franz Schubert,” Gokudera replied in a low voice as he hung his head low.

“Serenade, eh? It goes well with the song, don’t you think so?”



“Let’s get out of here and get some shelter before the rain gets—“ the Storm Guardian stopped his sentence when he saw that the girl’s face was drenched in tears. “O-Oi! What’s wrong? Why’re you crying?” immediately he went up to her side despite the continuous pour of the rain.

“N-N-Nan…d-demo…n-nai, d-desu,” Haru stuttered as she sniffed in between her words. “D-Don’t…don’t mind, desu,” she forced off a smile even though she’s drenched in both tears and rain.

“I think coming all the way here just to see Judaime is a little exaggerated don’t you think?” Gokudera pointed out in an as-a-matter-of-fact manner.

“…” the soaked lass said nothing but hung her head low and fidgeted with her skirt.

“Stop running away and face whatever’s in front of you,” the middle-school lad directly commanded her without even thinking thoroughly the words he just uttered. Upon realizing the words he just said, it struck him, too and he bit his lower lip as he removed his blazer and placed it on Haru’s shoulders. “Or else you’ll be running away forever.”

“Like me.”

“Hai!” Haru cried out energetically as they started walking to look for a nearby shelter from the rain.

“Don’t force yourself Baka Onna!” Gokudera commanded with the slightest hint of concern towards the lass.

Haru nodded a “yes” and they continued walking side by side under the downpour.


“Can Haru…? Someday,” Haru played with her fingers as she hesitated to utter her request.

“Nani?” Gokudera replied in annoyance.

“Someday…can you let Haru hear it again?” the lass asked in a fairly excited tone. “S-Serenade, I mean.”

The Storm Guardian was taken aback by the lass’s sudden request that it took him quite some time to swallow it and give her a definite answer. He promised himself that was the last one and he will never be touching the said instrument again. And yet, somehow he sort of wants to grant her selfish request…

“So I guess it is a no,”

“No, I’ll do it but it’ll be the last.”

“Hontou ni?” Haru’s eyes suddenly sparkled with enthusiasm upon his sudden agreement that she accidentally wrapped her hands around him. “Arigatou! Hontou ni!” 

A small smile crept up to his lips. The way Haru’s eyes sparkled with joy despite the dreary atmosphere surrounding them seemed to have reminded him of…himself when he was young.

 A/N: About the song, "Serenade by Franz Schubert", it was played by my violin teacher during one of our sessions due to a request. The feel I used to describe what both Haru and Gokudera felt were what I felt when I heard it. Oh and it was also played by Hihara Kazuki [La Corda D' Oro] during the third selection.

Jun. 22nd, 2010


Ciel's Eyes! HOMG! XD

 Alright, I'm so happy! Gaah! Angela Angeles you just made my daaay!!! *super glomp* For the reason? Err... *rolls eyes* Ambabaw ko talaga. *sweat drop* Well, she said that I have the same eyes as CIEL PHANTOMHIVE!  Upon being told that, I kept on squealing. Yes squealing inside Chowking. *hides self* XD I took it as a veery goood compliment that I almost hugged her. LOL. Well, comments slash compliments or praises like that are quite rare to me and all soo there.  XD

Jun. 12th, 2010

kawaii, smile

Editorial Exams + Birthday

Today was quite tiring.
I woke up--wait rephrase. I forced myself to wake up when I heard my phone ringing. [alarm clock]. So I woke up at 5:50 am. Then left the house at 6:40am...I think and reached school at 7:05am. [Whoah. Talk about being strict with time. XD] And gwaaaah! I left Marie alone! T_T Well, at first, I forgot our meeting place and remembered it after reaching HRPC [Holy Rosary Parish Church] our supposed meeting place. Due to the traffic, the ride took me longer than usual. Mou. ;c Then I took a peek at HRPC and didn't notice my gf so I went ahead for I thought she went ahead due to my lateness. And upon me reaching HFA newsite, I talked with sir only to find out that me coming early was useless. The principal staff weren't there yet and they were the ones who have the test papers for the editorial exam. MOU! So I had to wait almost 30 minutes to take the test. I was panicking because i still had violin lessons afterwards. >o< Then Sr. Palma texted me that there will be no lessons for today because there is still no memo from St. Scholastica's College, Manila. So yay...? More time for testing...? I was quite happy that we had no violin lessons today because that meant staying with everyone to create the video and to save money fare. XD lol.

While taking the test, there were so many distractions: continuous texts from Sr. Palma and others and  Sandy's call. Gwaaah! I felt quite drained. I had to extract many words from my brain then because of that the editorial cartoon I made wasn't quite effortful [?] but I think it was kinda sufficient...? =/ *insert chuckle here* And the logo! it seemed alright but something's missing and I don't know what! gaaah! *rampage* Oh well, it's done as if there's anything I can do about it. *shrugs* Oh and before taking the test, when everyone gathered inside Jeremiah [the room where we took the test] one by one, I just kept looking at them. o.O ANG DAMI! 25!? *le faints* okay you might call me selfish or judgmental or something buuuut it seems too much and it was just the editorial exam! Not the admission test for the club! *sigh* They seem to have misunderstood it. Oh well, bahala na si Batman. *shot*

So after shooting some parts for the club ad, we went home. I only rested for 3 hours...? Then left for McDonald's to celebrate Jed's 1st birthday! kyaaaa~ <3 he's still as adorable as always. Even with his bald round head. XD

While at McDonalds, gah, we had a looooooong list of orders that it was quite embarrassing to dictate all of those to the cashier. o///o *hides self* XD After that, we distributed or rather I distributed their orders to them and we all ate. ^^ *sigh* My nuggets was one of the last ones to arrive. Grr. Pinapak ko muna fries ko. Amp. XD

So we ate, took lotsa goofy pictures. Enjoyed the time and went to mass. Refer to my Facebook account for the funny pictures. *whistles* XD

Jun. 10th, 2010


June 9 & 10, 2010

Okay, I wasn't able to post yesterday. Well, because I was lazy. *shot* My eyes were droopy and I had to finish the images for Cor Unum's video ad.

June 9, 2010

As for yesterday, I just happened to pass by the computer lab and whoah! LCD monitors!! *gasp* Yay! \^0^/ Umaasenso. Umaasenso. XD Haha. Then we went on with the subjects and yes, correct, we're still on the handbook orientation. >__> booooreedooom! XD So I kept on looking at my watch, yet again, waiting for the bell to ring.

At lunch time, we went to the Cor Unum Office [as usual *rolls eyes*] to discuss the future plans and yes, the video ad which I have accomplished yesterday. ^^ Okay the funny, amusing part wherein I wished I video taped the whole thing T__T: The thing is, it was almost time. I was using sir's laptop so I was in the process of shutting it down and gathering my stuff that I failed to hear his command which was to turn off the aircon-slash-electric fan XD. It was located at the back end corner of the room that sir had to go there by himself to turn it off because I didn't hear him. ^^;; Both Angela and I, on the other hand were almost at the door and Angela has already turned off the lights. Then I jokingly said, "Iwanan si sir!" [Let's leave sir!] I was already at the door of the office and was in the process of closing the door in slow motion. Yeah. XD

"NOOOOOOO!!!" sir shouted or rather squealed (?) like a little girl as he positioned his hands in front of him as if wanting to stop us. *insert hysterical laughter here please* Reaaally! He had a priceless reaction that I kept on laughing about what happened the whole day! XD

Upon coming home, I had to go in front of the computer to type the one for social which I asked Charles, my partner, to do and my did it give me and Iori-nii headaches! @__@ I felt quite guilty about disturbing him for such a thing like that. >0< Mouuu..I wasn't able to think straight then due to my droopy, sleepy eyes! I also had to disturb Denise for the printing only to find out that my dad bought a printer! XD And my was it an exact copy of the printer we have at the Cor Unum office! XD

Today: June 10, 2010

For today, errr.*thinks* Oh yeah, I got my Shonen Jump Magazine from Marion a while ago and we planed to walk-walk around after I return it to Corinths. On the way, the sun was blinding me because it was getting reflected in my glasses so I used the SJ Magazine to block the sun which was coming at my left. XD I was busy talking to Marion that I didn't notice niichan walking towards our direction and it was when I was holding the SJ Magazine. If my eyes weren't imagining things, he was either attracted by the magazine in my hands or he was looking at me...? NAH! XP

Then, as usual, Cor Unum meeting at lunch time. It never changes. *shot* and we never seem to get anything accomplished. *double shot* Really, Erwyn [dunno the spelling..? XD] he kept on suggesting things about the video: on how it's supposed to be done and how to improve it and stuff but he never attends the meetings. So how could we accomplish anything. *sigh*

Upon dismissal, I bumped into him again. >___> Wait, not literally bumped. 'kays? XD We were just heading out of the campus, both Angela and I and they were in front of us. Too slow. So we went ahead of them. XD Now, they're behind us and then somebody bumped into me, literally. To the point that I was actually pushed back! Good thing I didn't bumped into him. *sigh of relief*

Really I'm soo weaaak. >o<

Jun. 8th, 2010


Hassle Part 2...?

 Alright second day of classes. Second hassle..? lol. XD
Gaaah! This day was like...boring. Well first days of school, it's quite expected actually: introductions, blah, blah and the usual repetitive HANDBOOK ORIENTATION. Yaaaaaaaawn *shot* XD Yep. That's what we discussed every subject and what we have been discussing 2 years ago. >__> So yeah, boooredom. I couldn't keep up with some subjects that I ended up doodling on my notes. 




Oh well, enough about those. 

I was supposed to get a locker reservation a while ago but when I saw the line. Uhhh... nevermind. *turns back* Parang pila para sa NFA rice. XD I won't get a locker anymore. Magsisipag nalang ako yeah! XD 

Sooo off to Cor Unum business! We're currently in the process of making the necessary stuff and props for the video and our club bulletin board. *grin* So far so good........? XD

Then after school, yeah great I was one of those who were assigned as cleaners for the day! Yippee... XD *sigh* To make things worse, Gelai and I headed to Photoline to get our pictures taken for school purposes and my did it ruin our day. Grrrr.. First, our change. Some guy [their personnel] punched our order and grouped it along with the others' orders, so they had to track it down. Secondly , and the most irritating part, they gave us the wrong sizes!! We told them option A which includes 6 2x2 and 4 1x1 if I am not mistaken but they only gave us a couple of 1x1 pictures! So we had to wait more minutes for them to reprint it! We waited for more than an hour I think because we went out of the store at 5. >___>

Okay, that kinda ruined my schedule. I was supposed to rest the moment I get home because my eyes seemed to be strained due to the heat and now they're aching. Yes, until now. Tomorrow, I'll make sure that I bring my glasses. XD

Okies, that'll be it for todaaaay! ^^ Off to work~

Jun. 7th, 2010

soma, souleater, soulmaka

First Day Disaster *pants*

Well, today is our first day of school and things didn't go quite alright. >__>

First, was service. Darn, he didn't pick us up! We kept on waiting but there was no sign of him! Grrr! He did go to our house yesterday but we weren't able to talk to him but I couldn't hear him due to the headphones on my head. What?! I was writing fanfiction and the radio was so loud. >__> Then my mom asked my dad to go to him to re-clarify some things to him but my dad said that they talked 'clearly' about those particular stuff so he didn't go. Teh result? Oh yea we waited for nothiNG! gaaah! He lent his tricycle to his son I think and wasn't able to pick us up! It was almost 6:30 and a lot of bridges are currently under repair so traffic. Plus, we kinda have earlier schedules this year so our flag ceremony starts at 7:00 am. 30 minutes! Goodness! So a tricycle that my dad called came to pick us up and my mom was very upset because of my dad's laziness. *sigh* Yes, I was in a very bad mood that I tried comforting my own self. XD I kept saying, "A good thing will follow, A good thing will follow."

Thank goodness we weren't late. And I entered the school grounds with a baaad mood. XD Then, I saw Marion and he invited me to roam around for a while. Well, that seemed to calm me down. We walked and walked going to the rooms of the people we used to know. That stuff. ^^;; 

Then the bell rang so we went to our respective classrooms. Flag ceremony. Morning Praise. After that, some introductions and my stomach hurting due to hunger and Mr. David Santos', my current adviser, jokes. Oh and yay! Our year color is still blue! *rejoices* and our section color is light blue! \^o^/ ♥ so most of my notebooks will be blue! {not too obvious that I am addicted to blue ^^;;} All the while when the teacher was saying some stuff, I kept on glancing on my watch! Haha! I was hungry! mou. XD When the bell rang, we were dismissed for recess and headed to the covered court afterwards for the freshman welcoming something and teacher introductions.

After that, cor unum [school newspaper] meeting! Already! mou. Alright here's the heaviest pressuring part:
This Saturday [June 12, 2010] which is supposed to be my scheduled violin lessons and the 1st birthday party of my cousin, we are supposed to have to screening test for the editors! My, pano ko pa isisingit un???! *panic* I kept trying to find an escape hole but it needs to be done on that day so my only option is to take it @ 7am. If that's the case then my schedule will be:

7:00-9:00am @ HFA New Site for the screening test.
9:00-12:00pm @ HFA Old Site for my violin lessons [test]
12:00-onwards @ the birthday party.

*looks at sched*

*looks at sched*

*looks at sched*




Well, my eyes were searching for a 'certain' person then and as usual it caught me by surprise. It was after me having a drink from the drinking fountain. I didn't bother to bring a water jug because we were half-day and I will be buying my school stuff on the same day. Anyway, after drinking we decided to head upstairs again to check on Marie. Upon making a turn, my insides suddenly churned up when my eyes landed on the inside of the last room of the seniors. I immediately looked away. And was it just me or did he seem happy..? And was it just my imagination or were his friends teasing him when I passed by...? =/ Another was when we [Gelai and I] were buying our school supplies, gaah he was there, too! Yes, on the same bookstore! Mou, my body shook and it seemed that I was always in a hurry! Mouu..! *punches self*


Waaa, I wish I could keep this up. [constantly posting here] XD

Jan. 27th, 2010

kawaii, smile

Day Oh Happy Day!!

YAY! YAY! BRAVO! BRAVIOUS!! WE WON!! *insert an extremely hyper-active motion here*
Yes! We won the Speech Choir Competition! And we shall be the ones representing the school for the regionals at AUF! (Angeles University Foundation) YaY!

Well, at first, I had this teeeny tiny wiiinsy gut feeling that we'll be the champions. But I shook it off; I might cause my own disappointment. So, we tried to use our practice times as wisely as we could--perfecting and polishing every single action and formation. My favorite part is the introduction. ^w^ I like how they choregraphed it. Then we saw that we didn't have enough time so we stopped and prayed and moved on with the necessary preparations (costumes, props, make-up, accessories, etc) Darn, I don't know how to put on make-up! *0* Screw me for that! I kept roaming around, asking for someone to fix me as I obviously do not know how to fix myself. T_T Stupid me. Good thing that someone noticed me! Some of my classmates and my adviser make-up-ed me. ^^

And oh darn, I was quite nervous when we went to the AVR. (venue of the contest). Especially when Isaiah performed! Goodness! Their movements are so timed and...and they great! That was the time my nervous-ness level increased. *insert bitting fingernails here* Then Mikee kept on slapping us for thinking such negative thoughts like : "Alright we won't win! T^T" "What if there'll be technical problems? Brown out??" "Where will I go? Left or Right??" Oh yes, she kept on sermoning us. XD We were third on the list so it was quite alright. That is until Judges were almost done. (They were second on the list) Oh my goodness, the cold was coming in my body. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. After that, we were asked to position ourselves and when the Judges finished their presentation...it's showtime! We did as we practiced. While huddled up together, my heart was rapidly palpitating and to calm myself I keep saying : "They're all a bunch of airheads." "They're all a bunch of airheads." Because all I could hear were the audiences' laughs!

Wondering why I couldn't see them? We huddled up together to form the bud of a flower that's why. We bent forward in a slanting position with our hands meeting on top. After the cue, we bent out to let the "children" go out of the flower and form the bud again. After the next cue, we go to our first formation...I got lost! Waaa! I panicked when I found out that I got lost! My hands were shaking and my face was...quite showing that I committed a mistake! Alright, hope is lost, I told myself but I continued doing my best to the end.

Our performance ended good..(?) or so they say. During the performance, I could see Mr. Arceo, our English teacher (also second adviser for this contest), putting a thumbs up which kinda eases me up. ^^ So when we bowed in front of the audience and made our exit, I immediately went to him with my other classmates saying sorry and asking if we did good. I then ran up to my non-participant classmate and hugged her saying, "I got lost! I got lost! I'm sorry!" So because of that, I didn't hope anymore. Added to that, Thea, one of those who's responsible for our diction, pronounciation and actions, kept on blaming herself, too for making a mistake.

So that was quite it. No more. We then, sat quietly and watched the other sections' presentations. To our surprise, there were long "dead air-s" and it turns out that they haven't fully memorized the piece. Chance? I thought. The Exodus' perfomance was a baM! Darn it was comedy! NIGHTINGALE! and they raised up a self-proclaimed beautiful gay. SWEET! The guys' expressions and voices were soo cute and hilarious. Because of their perfomance, I could say that they kinda lightened up the tension in the AVR. XD The rest, all the same, it seemed that they didn't fully memorize the piece because there were long pauses and it was written on their faces. Added to that, some people in the group were giving the cue so that they can recite it in unison. 3rd place?

After everyone performed, there was a short intermission and dun dun dundundun!!! *Drum roll* Kiiiii! The announcement of winners came next! Okay okay. Panic. Panic. Either Isaiah or Jeremiah. For Mr. Arceo. For ma'am!

"3rd place, III-Judges.."

"2nd place, III-Isaiah.."

at that announcement, we immediately rejoiced as if proclaiming ourselves champions. Then we shut up upon hitting that realization.

"1st place III-Jeremiah!"

Okay, that was it we won! *insert jumpy jumpy expression here* banzai! banzai! We kept on jumping for joy and we rushed to our adviser and ambushed sir saying that "we won!" even though it was already announced. We surrounded him and kept jumping that he almost lost balance! *laughs*

After that, we had a picture taken..and oh yeah, we won so that means that we shall be the ones representing the school in AUF!! Goodluck to us on Feb. 5! Cardsout!

Current Addiction: Tekken 6, Reborn

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